Is Comic Book Rick Grimes Turning Into The Main Villain In TWD?


Rick Grimes has always been on the edge. On AMC’s The Walking Dead, he’s crossed the lines on several occasions. In fact, if you were to watch his actions as an outsider, it’s possible that some may point to Rick as the bad guy. Robert Kirkman’s comic seems to be setting up this exact timeline.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

In the comic book, Rick Grimes has lost a great deal. He’s lost family members. He’s lost close friends and allies. Despite his anguish, he’s often been able to power through, but one day things may become too much. Plus, despite his peace-building approach in recent years, Rick may be ready for war once again.

Rick will one day decide that his peace-building efforts are futile. He will be pushed to the limit that causes him to break. This is what happened to Negan. This is what happened to the Governor. In Issue 180, Rick may finally break bad.

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