The Internet is cruel. There’s no way real people would ever talk to other real people in life the way they do on the Internet.

This is actually why Josh McDermitt (Eugene) and Alanna Masterson (Tara) abandoned their social networks.

Christian Serratos | Photo Credit Instagram Now, Christian Serratos (Rosita Espinosa) is having to fight fire with fire. She’s responded to some vulgar comments left on Instagram about breastfeeding her newborn in public.

“Oh stop looking for attention,” wrote one troll, while another added, “At least show the t*** more…”

Christian Serratos Fights Back

Christian Serratos | Photo Credit Instagram

Comic Book writes:

“Despite hundreds or thousands of comments pouring into the actress’ posts, she skimmed through enough of them to spot the negative remarks and come up with a trolling of her own.”

“Serratos posted the photo below, which sees her breastfeeding her new baby, captioned, “This is my body and my page. So I will post what I want, when I want. Those who disapprove can suck my left t*t,” with a couple of hashtags to go with it.”

“Serratos gave birth to her child earlier this year, prompting many fans to wonder how heavily she will be involved with the early episodes of The Walking Dead’s eighth season. Given the wound she acquired in the Season 7 finale which aired in April, many fans suspect Rosita and Christian Serratos will be sidelined for several episodes to start the season.”

Will Rosita Be Absent From Season 8’s Premiere?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rosita is one of the many characters that may be on the sidelines when the series returns. Fans have discovered that Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn’t on set the first few weeks of filming and it’s also possible we’ll see less of Michonne, who is set to star in two Marvel films, plus the Tupac Shakur movie.

Do you think the actress should be more harsh to her critics?

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