In The Face Of Tragedy, Maggie and Sasha Draw Strength From Each Other


The Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead was a traumatic experience for everyone, viewers included. Perhaps no one suffered a harder loss than Maggie, though. Not only was her husband, Glenn, killed in front of her, she’s also pregnant with his child.

Maggie swallowed her grief and stayed defiant. She set out on foot for the Hilltop, seeking the doctor for her pregnancy complications. Sasha insisted on coming with her, giving her at least some protection along the way.

Of course, Sasha also experienced a loss. It wasn’t that long ago that her brother, Tyreese, was killed. Then, she had to watch as Negan killed her lover, Abraham.

Keeping Love Alive

Maggie and Sasha on AMCs The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

Those losses have brought Sasha and Maggie together. When the grief is too much, they have each other to lean on. They are stronger together now than they ever were apart.

“I think that in a lot of ways they’re the closest people to each other at this point,” says Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha. “They’ve had such similar experiences for a long time now. You can go all the way back to them watching the sunrise together in Season 5 after they both lost their siblings. I think that they kind of keep their lost loved ones alive in each other. It’s almost like Glenn is alive between the two of us, and Abraham stays alive between the two of us.”

Maggie and Sasha = Girl Power

It’s worth noting that these two survivors are also both women. That gives them a unique perspective on grief and it speaks to a whole different kind of strength.

“I think there’s also the female empowerment of it all,” says Sonequa Martin-Green. “That is definitely a prevailing theme as well, just the sheer tenacity that women possess, especially in Maggie’s story. She’s pregnant, and she’s still healing, and then she’s also mourning the loss of a husband. She’s lost so much. She just finds a way to keep going. I think that in that way, we sort of are a mirror to each other. Because we can understand each other’s grief, and we also understand each other’s strength.”

As Maggie continues to assert her leadership at the Hilltop, she will certainly need to rely on Sasha’s support. Likewise, even though Sasha is seeking a way to take out Negan without telling Maggie, it’s her devotion to her friend that will keep her going.


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