This Walking Dead Season Finale Is Actually Ranked As “The Best” By Critics


Comic Book Ranks Top Season Finales On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Based on a poll from Comic Book, the Season Finale rankings go from worst to best. In last place, Season 3 should have ended with a fight between Rick Grimes and the Governor, but it actually ended with the Governor gunning down his own people.

Next, there’s Season 4, which ended with the entire group caught in a train cart at Terminus. The scene resembled something from the Holocaust, but Rick reminded the group that these new enemies are “screwing with the wrong people.”

The Terminus Termites were destroyed by Carol when the show returned.

Rick Kills, Hershel’s Barn Burns, Back On Road

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Season 5 is next on the list. This is perhaps one of the most memorable moments on the show as Rick and Pete’s feud came to a brawl. Pete killed Deanna’s husband by accident, but this led to Deanna telling Rick to execute Pete in front of everyone.

Next on the list is the Season 2 finale when Hershel’s barn went down in flames. This was after the group found Sophia in the barn of walkers, which changed Carol forever. This ended with Shane’s death, which also shaped Rick’s character.

Season 2 put the group back on the road, making them homeless once again.

Negan’s Kill, Shiva Saves Carl, CDC Explodes…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Next, there’s Season 6, which angered most fans. This episode would change the group forever as Negan bottled necked the group to a single location. Then, Negan made his epic choice to kill one of Rick’s men.

Season 7 hits second place. Negan is moments away from killing Carl when Shiva the tiger arrives to take out some of his men. Maggie and King Ezekiel show up a little later and we’re all set for Rick’s War in Season 8.

Comic Book still ranks Season 1 as the best finale of all-time. This is the first time we see that mankind is really the threat, instead of the walkers. This occurs when Dr. Edwin Jenner locks the group in the CDC and plans to kill everyone.

In many ways, this set the tone for the entire series.

Which is your favorite season finale on The Walking Dead?

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