How This Fatal Twist On Fear The Walking Dead Alters Morgan Jones Storyline


In the premiere of Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead alum Morgan Jones seemed to finally be in a good place. He went out on his own, which was negative, but he took Jesus’ advice to use both sides of the spear, which was the most positive and least extreme thing he’s ever done. But that could all change.

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The third episode of Fear showcased the most shocking death to ever make the show. In fact, it’s likely only second to the bite on Carl Grimes. After Nick killed one of the Vultures, he discussed a potential road of peace with Morgan. Then, he sat down with a blue bonnet flower and thought about his mother. 

This is when Charlie, a girl who worked with the dead vulture, Ennis, showed up and took an off-camera shot at our hero. It’s unclear what made Nick so angry that he had to kill Ennis, but Charlie quickly got vengeance in the surprise kill. Nick said her name and fell to the dirt as the camera followed him.

It’s outrageous, heart breaking, and incredibly disappointing for the series. But, according to the showrunners, it wasn’t really their decision.

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