How To Track, Hunt, and Survive Like The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon


Whenever there’s a manhunt, it’s vital to have a tracker on your side. Over the years, Daryl Dixon has been the best tracker, hunter, and survivor on The Walking Dead. Because he grew up in the woods and is an expert of his natural surroundings, he knows how to find villains, escape from zombies, and survive the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Human tracking is far different than animal tracking, but Daryl Dixon is the best of the best at both. This occasionally includes checking footsteps to determine direction or looking for broken branches and other signs of an altered terrain. It sounds simple, but it’s actually quite complicated.

That said, anyone can learn to track like Daryl Dixon, which is why he’s so useful to Rick Grimes.

Learn How to Track Like Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Most people will never have to track down a human or fugitive but it’s an important skill either way. If a child wanders away from your home or if a friend gets lost on a camping trip, it’s important to know how to track. In addition, tracking will clearly come in handy if there’s ever a real zombie attack or survival situation.

Some people also want to know how to track to reverse engineer the skill in order to get away. While we hope no one reading this is a fugitive, everyone should know how to get away from danger if evil is on the trail. Either way, in order to start tracking or being untrackable, there are rules to follow.

Basically, it all starts with situation awareness in any given area.

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