MIDSEASON BOMBSHELL? Daryl’s Death Could Be Closer Than Ever…


“If Daryl dies, we riot!”

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, Image Credit: AMC

It’s been a familiar mantra among fans of The Walking Dead for years now. Daryl Dixon remains the most popular character on the show, so fans are likely to still hold true to that creed. After his gutsy escape from the Sanctuary, fans are scared Daryl may meet his demise before the end of the Season.

After killing Abraham in the season premiere, Negan’s taunts to Rosita were too much for Daryl. He jumped up and punched Negan square in the face. Rather than kill Daryl as retaliation, though, Negan took him prisoner and killed Glenn instead.

Since then, Daryl has been tortured and imprisoned at the Saviors’ compound, the Sanctuary. He rejected an opportunity to join Negan’s community and before last week’s episode, he was given a chance to escape by an unknown accomplice.

A Looming Threat

So the danger is still very large that Daryl could be killed. Negan’s patience is likely wearing thin and this escape attempt could be just the thing to push him over the line. It’s possible Negan will decide his attempts at breaking Daryl have failed and will just go ahead and kill him.

Daryl Dixon is not a character that appeared in The Walking Dead comic book; he was created specifically for the show. As a result, there’s no precedent for his character’s death. So how would killing Daryl change the ongoing storyline?

Daryl’s Death An Unacceptable Loss

First of all, the death of any additional members of Rick’s group would likely whip them into a frenzy. Killing Glenn and Abraham may have forced Rick into submission, but it’s been several weeks now. If Negan were to kill Daryl, it would likely launch Rick and the others into a full-out assault on Negan and the Saviors.

As far as individual characters go, Rick and Carol would probably be the most affected by Daryl’s death. Rick has come to think of Daryl as something of a brother. That’s significant considering Daryl already had a brother Merle, who was a nasty, villainous character on the show.

Carol formed a strong friendship with Daryl over the years. Many fans had hoped to see a romance between the two, but it never happened. Nonetheless, Daryl’s death would likely be enough to crack Carol’s stone heart.

Dwight’s Transformation

Norman Reedus and Austin Amelio as Daryl and Dwight on The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

Another character who could be affected by Daryl’s death is Negan’s top henchman, Dwight. It’s clear that Dwight secretly admires Daryl, having co-opted his crossbow, vest, and motorcycle. Dwight looks at Daryl and sees the man he could’ve been if he had been strong enough to get away from Negan.

If Negan went ahead and killed Daryl, it might be the catalyst for a rebellion lead by Dwight. It’s clear he’s not happy living under Negan’s rule, so it wouldn’t take much more than a spark for Dwight to betray him.

What do you think would happen if Daryl died? How would the other characters beside Rick, Carol, and Dwight respond?


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