The Walking Dead Just Featured A Really Fake Looking Deer, And Fans Are All Over It

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-03-14

Say Yes To The Fake Deer

In this Tweet, a fan used an old photo from the Oceanside episode and linked it with Rudolph. The Walking Dead has always received some grief for CGI, but these are a little harsh for the cable series…

More Realistic Than…

This The Walking Dead fan, said that this sock puppet was more realistic than the CGI deer in the latest episode of the series. 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Twitter

More Twitter Sarcasm

The scene was when Rick was preparing to shoot a deer for Michonne, but stopped when he realized he would draw in the walkers. 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Twitter

Known For Cheesy CGI

This fan believes they’ve always had bad CGI, but most cable shows do have budget restrictions which is why this occurs. 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Twitter

New Job Applicant For The Series

This hilarious tweet implies that just about anyone can work on The Walking Dead based on this week’s cheesy CGI deer. 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Twitter

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