Here’s Why The Walking Dead Will Never Get Canceled…


Some Shows Come And Go, But Dead Will Live Forever

It’s that time during the television season where networks decide whether to keep or axe their new shows. Most of the shows that have been canceled are new, but Tim Allen’s show got canceled after six seasons and syndication, so everyone’s fair game.

One show that’s not talk about a great deal is AMC’s new series, The Son, which stars Pierce Brosnan. AMC’s new shows are likely completely powered by The Walking Dead, but it’s likely the zombie apocalypse show will always be around.

Robert Kirkman and the gang behind the show want around twenty seasons…

Dead Fuels The Entire AMC Network…

Fear TWD | Photo Credit AMC

It turns out that The Son has been renewed, despite receiving little press and this is perhaps because of the success of The Walking Dead. Basically, the zombie series is so popular that it can fund other shows, similar to Netflix originals.

Forbes writes:

“In short, The Walking Dead is so far ahead of the rest of the pack on both its own channel and cable in general that it’s unlikely that ratings could ever dip low enough for the show to be cancelled outright, and it’s no wonder that the showrunners are talking about two potential decades worth of content for the show that will be entering season eight this fall.”

Millions And Millions Of Dead Fans…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead received around 11-12 million viewers in Season 7, which was actually a drop from their series high, which was 17.2 million. Fear The Walking Dead follows with 3 million and the other shows are way behind.

Into the Badlands has around 1.2 million viewers, while Better Call Saul (the Breaking Bad prequel) only has 1.5-1.8 million viewers. The Son, Turn, and Half and Catch Fire have also been renewed despite low numbers.

If anything ever happens to The Walking Dead, it would likely only be a budget restriction but basically the series is still leading the pack.

What would make you stop watching The Walking Dead?


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