Here’s Why Michonne Is Actually More Vital Than Rick For Alexandria’s Future


Rick And Michonne Grow Closer

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In “Say Yes” we saw dilemmas and a lot of reveals. One such example would be that Sasha and Rosita both have a death wish (which they ironically shared over the graves of Glenn and Abraham).

Another truth came during Rick and Michonne’s (some calling the couple Richonne) carnival trip. During their conversations, it became clear that the two need each other more than they’ve ever needed anyone since the outbreak.

It even looked like Michonne would literally die without Rick Grimes.

Michonne More Vital Than Rick

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite this revelation, it’s also possible that Michonne is more vital than Rick Grimes for the future of Alexandria. Rick seems to know this and after the past few seasons, Carl may also know this truth. She’s been there when Rick wasn’t.

Rick is in a better place during this episode because he loves Michonne. From her perspective, she never doubted the future. She always knew they could one day defeat Negan, but Rick doubted that for eight full episodes.

Michonne has always been the type of person to keep going and keep fighting.

Michonne Remains Strong

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When she paused and dropped her katana in “Say Yes,” it was the first time anyone had seen weakness in Michonne. She’s always held her ground, remained strong, and never let her emotions get in the way of the fight.

If Rick had actually died, however, Michonne would have likely returned to Alexandria and continued to fight. Rick, on the other hand, has seen and done too much. He’s now closer to being Shane than Rick the Sheriff.

Rick has loved and lost before, leading him to a mental breakdown. In the prison, he saw the ghost of Lori and he gave up more than he had to when Negan first arrived. Michonne has never broken and will never break.

Do you think Michonne can lead without Rick Grimes?

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