Here’s Why Daryl Lied To Carol About Alexandrian Deaths


The Group Is Lying To Protect One Another

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There have been a lot of lies on The Walking Dead in these first two episodes. For many viewers, it was never a possibility that anyone would keep Daryl and Rick away from Carol. But Morgan decided to keep this information for himself.

Daryl Dixon didn’t find out about Carol until Richard accidentally told him. After stopping Richard’s plan to attack the Saviors, which would have possibly led to the death of Carol, Daryl went to see her.

During their conversation, Daryl chose not to reveal Glenn and Abraham’s deaths.

Daryl Shows How Much He Misses Carol

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Morgan said you just left,” said Daryl on Carol’s doorstep, still tore up that Morgan lied to him. Eventually, Daryl muscles up the courage to ask Carol a very simple question: “Why’d you go…?”

Carol seems to be searching for an answer. Eventually, through tears, she replies, “I had to…” Later, in front of a fire, she told a little more about her thought process. “I couldn’t lose any other of them. I couldn’t lose you.”

Later, she admitted, “I couldn’t kill them,” about the Saviors who attacked her.

Daryl Listens To Carol’s Pain

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The conversation moves back and fourth and Daryl mostly listens. As if she’s discovering her own feelings for the first time, Carol reveals she couldn’t lose anyone else and she didn’t want to keep killing others for the ones that she loves.

“There wouldn’t be anything left of me after that,” she concluded. Then, thinking about that version of herself, she had to ask about the Saviors. “Did anyone get hurt? Is everybody okay? Did the Saviors…” she said, then trailed off.

While Daryl listened, it was clear that he was thinking of what to tell Carol. After she revealed that there wouldn’t be anything left of her after another attack like Terminus, Daryl decided to leave her in peace.

“They came. We got ‘em all. Made a deal with the rest of them, like Ezekiel,” Daryl lied. “Everyone is alright…”

Do you think Daryl made the right choice to lie to Carol?

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