No One Noticed This Freaky Thing About Gregory’s Threat To Maggie Until Now…


Gregory Threatens Jesus At Hilltop

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I noticed you’ve been slacking on your scavenging and recruiting lately,” said Gregory to Jesus, in a conversation that would eventually show Gregory’s ignorance to everything going on in Hilltop, with the Saviors.

“And, there are too many people in your trailer,” added Gregory, with his best dictator hat on. “Fire hazard,” he concluded. “Plenty of room here at Barrington House for our guests…”

Obviously, Gregory is up to something.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Later in the conversation, Gregory reveals that he has “job assignments for the newcomers” as there are “no more free rides on the teet.” Jesus then brings up the fact that Gregory allowed for the Saviors to take Dr. Carson.

Gregory fires back, “You shouldn’t talk to me like that. Who knows what might happen with all of these Saviors coming around.” To clarify the situation, Jesus asked the Hilltop leader, “Did you just threaten me?”

Gregory back peddles, but then tells Jesus, “We’re not friends…”

Gregory Will Give Up Maggie And Daryl If…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This blind threat shows just how ignorant Gregory is as a leader. He’s obviously been grandfathered in because of his ability to speak or some other nonsense, but he’s got no real purpose or drive to lead these people.

Gregory is “polishing brass on the Titanic.” He has no idea what’s going on outside of his windows or his community, which is why he’s giving Jesus small, meaningless tasks when he should be organizing the troops.

Threatening Jesus is perhaps his biggest mistake to date.

Jesus wants Maggie to lead and the more Gregory pushes him, the more he’ll continue to push for that to happen. The problem is that Gregory is like up to more than meets the eye.

Splitting up the newcomers, telling them where to stay, and assigning them tasks is certainly beneficial for the community, but Gregory is likely doing this so he will know when and where everyone is in the community.

He’s doing this so he can give up Daryl or Maggie if the Saviors return.

How should Jesus respond to Gregory’s ignorance?

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