Here’s The Meaning Behind That Wooden Soldier In The Walking Dead Finale


Twitter Fans “Didn’t Know” About Soldier True Meaning

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The writers behind The Walking Dead dropped in a subtle nod in the Season 7 finale that was meant for true fans to talk about. Daryl finds a small wooden figure with the words “Didn’t Know” etched into the back.

On Twitter, some fans asked, “Who left that little soldier thing?” and “Anyone know what the deal was with the stone soldier Daryl found?” Die hard fans know that Dwight has an obsession with the small figures.

This Easter Egg formed in Season 6 and happened twice in Season 7.

Dwight’s Obsession With Toy Soldiers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The etched figure was synonymous with Dwight, due to his betrayal of Rick’s group, and now he’s double-crossing Negan. Back in Season 6, Dwight offered Daryl a figure and this was before his face was burned by Negan.

In Season 7, when Dwight escaped from the Sanctuary, he saw several wooden figures in a bedroom, which made him know it was Dwight’s room. At this point, however, Daryl hated Dwight.

It’s unclear if the two can ever really trust one another. Daryl and Dwight’s…


The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Daryl and Dwight are meant to be similar to one another. Both are essentially right-hands within their respective groups. Both prefer bikes and crossbows. Both are doing what it takes to survive.

The main difference isn’t actually that Dwight broke under Negan when Daryl didn’t, but rather that Dwight was in love. Dwight would do anything for Sherry, even if that meant living in servitude.

Daryl is loyal to his group but there’s never been a single person on the show, like a love interest, that Daryl would literally do anything for. If Daryl had someone like Sherry, it’s possible he would have given into Negan’s demands.

Only time will tell if Dwight and Daryl can reach a truce.

Do you think Daryl can ever really trust Dwight?

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