The Walking Dead Fans Blown Away By Rick Grimes Blazing ‘Lucille’



On the latest episode of The Walking Dead, fans were thrilled to see Rick Grimes get the best of Negan. Not only did he wreck his ride but he also got to Lucille before Negan. Plus, based on his comments, he somewhat out-Neganed Negan.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Jeffrey just said, ‘You are more Negan than Negan right now.’ It was almost like a balancing of the scales,” said Andrew Lincoln on Talking Dead. This is particularly true when Rick Grimes destroyed the most precious thing in the world to Negan.

But when Rick Grimes lit up Negan, he did it for Glenn. In fact, he used Glenn’s lighter to burn Lucille.

Rick Grimes Used Glenn’s Lighter On Lucille

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

While trying to deal with the death of his son Carl and his hatred for Negan, Rick Grimes still found the time to avenge his friend, Glenn Rhee. When he got his hands on Lucille, this meant lighting her on fire.

Throughout the dark scenes, Rick used the lighter to help him see as he tried to follow Negan’s voice. Eventually, the light revealed a room of “Eaters.” Then, of course, he found Negan’s weapon of choice.

Some of the production team joked that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was also mad to see Andrew Lincoln with Lucille between takes.


Remembering Glenn Rhee On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Glenn Rhee is one of the most well-remembered characters on the show. Obviously, Maggie is always thinking of her deceased husband. But it’s also clear that Rick too is thinking about his friend.

At the beginning of “The Key,” Rick makes his way to Hilltop. Inside, he quickly says hello to his daughter Judith. Then, he goes over to visit the graves of Glenn and Abraham. Sadly, Rick Grimes seemed surrounded by death.

Even though he somewhat lost it during the episode, it’s clear that his intentions are all leaning in the right direction. However, if Rick isn’t careful, his vengeance could get him killed.

After all, he was supposed to signal the others with his car horn, but he decided to attack Negan on his own. Things worked out for now and we’re glad to see some light vengeance for Glenn, but Rick needs to be careful.

Do you think Rick’s ego will get him killed in the end?


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