Here’s Our Take On The “Big Morales Scene” In Season 8…


“We never made it to Birmingham,” said Morales. With a gun on Rick Grimes, Morales told his story. “They didn’t,” he clarified. Rick Grimes has nothing to say but, “I’m sorry.” His captor doesn’t believe him.

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“I lost people, too: Lori, Shane, Andrea, Glenn. Negan killed him. Forced him to his knees. Bashed his head in right in front of me. In front of his pregnant wife,” said Rick Grimes with an emotional gaze.

Morales asked about Glenn’s wife, which shows the difference between the two of them.

Morales Talks To Rick About Glenn Rhee

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Rick Grimes revealed that Glenn met Maggie (a.k.a. The Widow) after the outbreak. Morales doesn’t seem to understand the concept of Rick’s group having this kind of hope amidst the madness.

That hope is the difference between Rick and Morales, even though the captor sees them both as “Monsters.” Living under Negan’s rule, the Savior can’t imagine finding love or wanting to have a baby in such a cruel world.

But that’s not enough to make him put down his gun.

“Are You Negan, Too?”

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“Are you Negan, too?” asked Rick with a glare. The man with the gun then tells his story about “waiting to become nothing” until the Saviors felt he was “worth a damn.” In many ways, this is similar to Abraham finding Eugene and a purpose.

“To make it this far, this long, I had to be. I had to be something,” Morales said. “Just like you,” added Morales, which upset Rick Grimes. This statement starts the conversation to talk about how Rick would handle the same situation.

The gunman thinks that both of these men will do whatever it takes to survive, but he is the “luckier” one that is holding the gun. Rick doesn’t see himself this way because he believes he would not want to do this.

The morality of this episode (seeing Morales and finding Gracie) is messing with Rick Grimes’ mind. A moment later, we hear Rick say, “Wait, No!” as Morales turns to take an arrow from Daryl’s crossbow.

“I know who it was,” said Daryl Dixon. “Don’t matter…”

Is Daryl Dixon the real “Monster” of the episode?

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