Here’s How Maggie Might Be Able To Get The Hilltop Doctor Back


Dr. Carson Traded For Crate Of Aspirin

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In “The Other Side,” Simon and the boys came to Hilltop and took their most precious resource: Dr. Carson. In Simon’s attempt to make it okay, he basically traded their skilled doctor for a crate of Aspirin.

Gregory asked to speak with Simon alone and in order to further compromise, Simon said that Gregory could come into the Sanctuary whenever he wanted to visit the doctor. This obviously doesn’t help Maggie, seeing as she’s supposed to be dead.

At this point, Gregory will not be able to get Dr. Carson back, but Maggie is more willing to do whatever it takes.

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While Maggie is still very early on in the pregnancy, she’ll need a doctor in six months or so. It’s unclear how long it will take Rick’s war to get up and going, and they also can’t let the doctor get hurt during a battle.

If they attack the Sanctuary (meaning, more than just Sasha), then there’s a possibility Negan could hold the doctor ransom, but both sides should try and protect the doctor, seeing as he’s the only one they have left.

So Maggie needs to separate him before this happens.

Getting The Doctor Out In The Open

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This is pure speculation, but one way to get the doctor out in the open would be to injure a Savior out on the road. It can’t be just anyone, though, seeing as it’s unlikely Negan cares about Saviors that aren’t leaders like Simon, Dwight, or maybe even Gavin.

Maggie’s crew would need to set a trap where Simon or maybe even Dwight was hurt, but also pinned in a situation. This might include being caught under something heavy or some other situation where an injury as involved.

If Dwight is the mystery figure at the end of “The Other Side,” instead of Daryl, then Dwight might even be the type to go along with this. He could pose to be hurt and trapped, so Negan and the doctor (plus others) head out to try and help.

Maggie’s crew could do some damage out in the open.

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