What No The Walking Dead Fan Realized About Old Man Rick’s Dream Sequence


When The Walking Dead first revealed the Old Man Rick scene, fans were perplexed about what it might mean. At first, some fans thought it may have confirmed the outrageous theory that the whole show is just a dream. Some people think that Rick Grimes is actually still just lying in the hospital.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Luckily, that’s not the case (or at least this doesn’t prove it). Then, fans thought it was something in the distant future. Since Rick Grimes had short hair, some age on his face, and a cane, the vision looked way in the future. It was also further away than the last vision Rick Grimes had about Glenn and Abraham.

Surprisingly, this vision turned out not to be Rick’s dream at all. The vision actually came from Carl Grimes.

Carl Grimes Imagines The Old Man Rick Vision

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“You have a beard,” started the dying boy. “It’s bigger and greyer. Michonne’s happy. Judith is older and she’s listening to the songs that I used to before. Alexandria is bigger. There’s new houses, crops, and people working. Everybody living. Helping everybody else live,” said the boy. “You can still be who you were.”

“That’s how it could be,” concluded Carl Grimes. In his dying breath, Carl Grimes told his dad he loved him. Then he told him how to change the world. “I’ll make it real. I will,” said Rick Grimes. “ Rick made sure his son knew that it was all for him, “right from the start,” with the farm in Atlanta.

But then fans were particularly surprised to see Negan in the garden.

A Future With Negan, Alexandria, And Tomatoes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Earlier in the season, Rick Grimes asked about Carl picking strawberries with Negan as if it were a joke. In the end, Carl actually did have this vision but Negan was picking tomatoes and smiled when he saw Judith.

Carl’s vision is something that will be difficult to pull off. However, the episode ended with Rick Grimes lying next to a tree, bleeding from the abdomen. It’s unclear if he was bitten, stabbed, or shot. However, the injury either means that Rick didn’t listen to Carl or he did and it cost him his life as well.

Do you think the real Old Man Rick will be able to give his son this gift?


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