Discover The Mystery of Arron and Eric In The ‘Monsters’ Episode. Did You Know That Eric…


At the end of “The Damned,” we were left with a few cliffhangers. One of the biggest comes back to the comic about Eric and Aaron. We knew there was a good chance that Eric was going to die, based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the latest episode, “Monsters,” we catch up with Aaron and Eric. During this attack to the outpost, Eric is shot in the gut. There’s a brief moment where it looks like Aaron can save his beloved, but this is before he sees the gut bullet wound.

Now, he’s trying to keep him away from the gunfire and then get him to the doctor at the Kingdom.

Aaron Tries To Save Eric, But…

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Before the conclusion of “Monsters,” it’s somewhat unclear where everyone is in relation to one another. But, we eventually discover that Aaron’s group is outside of the building that Rick and Daryl are inside.

Daryl saves Rick Grimes by killing Morales, but then the other Saviors arrive. After a short shootout, we hear Aaron’s voice outside. Rick signals to Aaron that everything is okay and then the battle comes to an end.

At this point, Aaron goes to find his boyfriend, but he’s not there.

Aaron Sees The Unthinkable…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Aaron left Eric next to a tree once he discovers that the bullet went through. In most movies, a bullet that passes through can lead to a recovery. This time, however, he appears to have bleed out on the tree.

When Aaron arrives at the end, he sees a pile of blood on the tree but Eric is nowhere to be found. Then, he looks up in the distant to see his boyfriend walking towards the woods. This time, however, Eric is walking as a walker.

This is perhaps one of the more symbolic deaths on the series as Aaron is forced to watch her love literally walk over to the other side. There, by the tree, he sees his worst fear come to life.

Luckily, one of the other Kingdommers stops him from chasing after Eric.

What do you think this will mean for Aaron in the future?

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