The Groups Will Unite Against Negan When The Show Returns Next Spring


Ever since Negan and the Saviors appeared on the scene on The Walking Dead, fans have been waiting for just one thing. We all know that Rick and the others will eventually rise up against Negan — it’s just a matter of when.

The Way Forward

Tom Payne as Jesus on The Walking Dead“I think it’s about understanding the best way to combat the Negan problem and the Saviors problem,” says Tom Payne, who plays Paul “Jesus” Rovia. “How is the group going to get past it, and are they? What we’ve seen this first half of the season is all of the different characters taking it in different ways.”

Separate But Equal

To be fair, there are already several members of the group plotting to take out Negan. The problem is that none of them are coordinated, and they’re all unlikely to succeed.

“Right now, you have Michonne in that car asking to take her to the Sanctuary and Jesus is around there and Daryl’s at the Sanctuary,” says Payne. “Rosita’s on her own kick, and everyone is in their own place. I don’t think that can go on for too long because you can’t be one person against Negan. I think they’ll probably hopefully come back and try and find a better way to fight him than just on their own.”

United They Stand

If there’s one person that knows the path to defeating Negan, it’s Jesus. He’s been around and is likely already aware of the other communities, like the Kingdom and Oceanside (or at least the community that preceded Oceanside). He’s in a unique position to understand how bringing the groups together is the only way forward.

“That’s the hope. I think definitely Jesus’s motivation,” Payne says. “He’s been scouting for the Hilltop for a long time, and he’s always been looking for help with that situation. I think he would totally be on the side of that, of everyone linking up. He had been on the back burner a lot and kind of been in the background and that was why it was nice to have Sasha push him towards, ‘What is it that you actually want?’ ‘What can you do?’ I think he’s probably had some ideas in his head of what could happen, what might be the next step, but he’s not willing to take that step until he knows that it’s a good one.”

The Walking Dead will be on winter hiatus after this week’s episode, but when it returns there will likely be some changes. We’ve spent the first half of Season 7 getting to know the surrounding communities. In the second half, it’s time we see them uniting in rebellion.

What are your predictions?


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