Who Gets Killed In The Latest Walking Dead?


We made some predictions as to who might die on The Walking Dead in Season 8 back in the off-season. So far, only one has been killed, but that could all change in the first few episodes.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Based on the comic book, we know that there is a good chance that Shiva the Tiger. We just lost Aaron’s boyfriend, Eric. These two causalities happen in the comic, which change things for Aaron and King Ezekiel.

We see Shiva the tiger in Episode 2, and we also see Eric, who gets shot.

Eric Gets Killed In “The Damned?”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Aaron’s group has a killer plan to take out one of the outposts. Essentially, their goal is to take out as many Saviors as they can, trapping them in a small area. Then, as the dead start rising, they will kill themselves.

One Lieutenant experiences this first hand. 

In a way, she thinks she can fight off her attackers. However, once she realizes their plan, it is too late. A moment later, one of her own people comes at her as a walker.

But, there are also casualties on Aaron’s side.

Morgan Gets Killed In “The Damned?”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During the battle, Aaron notices that one of the Saviors is getting a little too close to Eric for comfort. He takes out this man, then climbs into one of the vehicles and runs over a few more Saviors.

Aaron’s efforts are quick and brave, but it’s not enough. 

Despite the fact that he gets to Eric in a hurry, when he checks his partner, there is blood coming from his stomach.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As for the other deaths in the episode, it’s a little hard to confirm. It looks like an Alexandrian named Francine is killed, but she could pull through. Then, when Morgan and two others are shot, he seems to be okay as well.

Among the many who are in danger, it looks like Andy has been officially killed. He’s standing with Morgan when a few Saviors open fire. Morgan looks over, and both men with him are dead, but he seems unharmed.

Then, of course, he goes on a killing rampage to take out the Saviors.

Do you think Francine and Eric will survive their wounds?


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