This Fear The Walking Dead Actor Debunks The Myth About His Audition For ‘Negan’


“It’s a little blown out of proportion,” said Garret Dillahunt about the rumors of him almost being cast as Negan. All of this, of course, started with a Tweet back in November of 2015. The actor posted a picture of The Walking Dead Compendium Three, which featured the super bad guy, Negan, between issues 96 through 144.

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Reading material for the day,” posted Garret Dillahunt. “Just cause.” The tweet made many of Dillahunt’s fans assume that the actor from Deadwood and Justified was going to be cast as Negan. Clearly, everyone now knows the role went to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but Dillahunt did want to be considered for the iconic role.

“I was doing this show called Hand of God on Amazon, a pretty hardcore character there, and I knew Negan was coming up,” said Garret Dillahunt. So perhaps there was more to the Tweet than meets the eye. After all, Chris Pratt did post a photo of himself in top shape (unlike Parks & Rec), which led to his role in Zero Dark Thirty.

So perhaps Dillahunt’s fandom did cast a shadow over his potential audition, but Scott Gimple did consider the actor for a role on Fear the Walking Dead.

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