From The Walking Dead To Fear: The Complete Evolution Of Morgan Jones


“You know about the dead people, right? Not the ones they put down. The ones they didn’t,” said Morgan Jones to Rick Grimes. In the beginning, Morgan was the first person to explain the outbreak to Sheriff Rick. Since then, the two have been evolving, but Morgan finally seems to be in a good place to survive.

Morgan Jones, the Widower Father

After seeing a half-eaten corpse crawl towards his bicycle, Rick Grimes headed off in his hospital gown to look for his family. As he watched a man stumbling down the street, a boy named Duane snuck up behind him. Thinking Rick was a walker, the boy hit Rick in the face with a shovel as Morgan shot a walker.

“Hey mister, what’s that bandage for?” asked Morgan Jones. “You answer me, damn you,” Morgan yelled at Duane since the man was speaking. Clearly, Rick Grimes wasn’t a walker, but Morgan wasn’t sure if he had been bitten on the torso. “What’s your wound?” he asked again. “You tell me or I will kill you.”

Morgan knew that a bite would turn a man into a walker but Rick Grimes had no idea what was going on (plus he just got his with a shovel). Rick passed out from the blow and Morgan took him inside. Until they could trust Rick, they tied him up but later they explained the truth of the outbreak.

Aside from the undead world, Morgan also spoke about his deceased wife. Upstairs, he put a rifle on the back of a chair and lined up a shot to take out his wife. He whistled and started shooting walkers in the street. He told his son to stay downstairs and he waited for her. But, when she arrived, he couldn’t take the shot.

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