‘The Governor’ Actor David Morrissey Releases HUGE News…


The Governor Back On Television

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Many Walking Dead fans will quickly recognize David Morrissey as Rick Grimes’ first real nemesis, The Governor. He’s the man responsible for Hershel’s death, the fall of the prison, and much more chaos within the world of the undead.

Morrissey began his acting career by playing the scarecrow in his junior high version of The Wizard of Oz. “I finally got on stage and I thought, I could do this, this has given me something, I’ve found my thing,” said the actor.

He’s been acting for over thirty years now professionally.

David Morrissey On Acting

The Missing | Photo Credit BBC

“I get into trouble with this at home but I’m never happier in my life than when I’m on a film set or a rehearsal room or on stage. The most frustrating thing is the periods in my life where I’m not able to do it,” said Morrissey.

The actor misses his time on the set of The Walking Dead, and what he considers “a great family” back in Georgia. He’ll be joining the cast of The Missing in Season 2, so hopefully, he’ll find himself at home once again.

Morrissey’s new character much different than The Governor.

Captain Sam Webster On The Missing

The Missing | Photo Credit BBC

David Morrissey will be playing Captain Sam Webster. The military man is based in Germany and is a husband and father. In the story, one of his children went missing in 2003 and the story takes place in 2014.

The story begins when his daughter Alice reappears and over eight episodes, the story switches back and forth between the two timeframes. Her reappearance changes the family and the community as a whole.

“There’s lots of things that have happened in the meantime that we as the audience don’t really know what’s gone on and we have to play detective ourselves and find out what happened to these characters in the meantime,” said the actor.

The Missing will be on BBC in March.

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