How The Walking Dead Storyline Is Shifting To Rebuild Society


“What’s fascinating to me about the show is that we’ve got this post-apocalyptic world, but when does it become about more than just survival? When does it become about rebuilding?” asked Gareth actor Andrew J. West about The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On Talking Dead, the actor added, “What we have today took a long time to build, so if it were torn down, the natural progression is to build it up again. It seems like we’re starting to get in to that. That’s super exciting.”

Specifically, the actor is talking about newcomer Georgie.

A Major Change On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Now that we’re in Season 8, it’s hard to imagine trusting anyone new on The Walking Dead. However, that is exactly what Carl Grimes wanted and that’s exactly what Michonne wants to do.

When Maggie spotted something outside of Hilltop, most fans likely thought it was Jadis looking for help. But, in reality, the olive branch was from another group that we haven’t seen before on the show.

There’s a rumor that this could be the introduction of Commonwealth. Either way, “The Key” revealed something never-before-seen on the show.

The Greatest Barter On The Series

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Georgie asked for an exchange but she offered something huge for Maggie. In exchange for a few records, she provided some food and some plans for the future of the Hilltop. And, she indicated she would return in the future with more plans. In Georgie’s photocopied plan, there were tons of things that normally could be found on the Internet. Since society crashed, there was no single-source of information for the groups to look towards.

The trade of information is all-new on the show, but it certainly makes sense. It’s also an interesting way for Georgie and her associates to barter in the new world. Plus, they mean major changes for the show.

This book could also mean a major time jump on the series. We’ve been moving in that direction and it would be great to jump ahead and see Maggie’s baby amongst windmills, grain, lumber, and maybe even electricity.

What do you think of these changes for The Walking Dead?

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