[SPOILER] Here’s The Significance Of Who Fired At Rick And Daryl In The Finale…


Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon has some trouble in the Savior compound. In “Monsters,” Rick Grimes is held at gunpoint. Plus, Daryl Dixon sees an empty jail cell that gives him PTSD from his time at the Sanctuary.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Luckily, Daryl Dixon snaps out of it and saves Rick Grimes. Then, when they’re cornered once more, Aaron and his group save them. In the end, however, Rick is still nearly shot when a lone Savior takes a few shots at them.

Surprisingly, we find out it’s the weak worker Savior from the beginning of “The Damned” episode.

Shooter Fires At Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Rick hands over Baby Gracie to Aaron, he and Daryl get ready to leave. Rick tosses some Polaroid photos in his passenger seat and lays the guns in the back. Daryl is over on his motorcycle when a few more shots ring out.

Rick and Daryl pull out their guns and turn around. Rather than firepower alone, Rick decides to use reason with this last Savior. “You’re alone. There’s not enough room for two of you behind that tree,” he said. “And there’s a herd coming.”

“We’ll make you a deal,” said Rick Grimes, who wants information.

“A Man’s Word Has To Mean Something…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes then promises this lone shooter a vehicle and his life. “I’m giving you my word,” confirmed Rick Grimes. “There’s not a lot that’s worth much these days. But a man’s word has got to mean something. Right?”

Reluctantly, the man comes out from behind the tree. At this point, we see it’s the weak Savior who was likely just a worker at the compound. This is the man who got a chance to hide before Aaron, and the others attacked the compound.

Rick Grimes wants to know if this compound ever had any guns. At this point, he simply wants to make sure they can trust Dwight. The man tells them they used to have guns, but they got moved, which means Dwight can be trusted.

The duo also learns where the guns have been sent, so now they know to head over to Gavin’s outpost. At this point, it looks like the man is safe. When he asked, “Can I go?” however, Daryl Dixon shoots him in the head.

Rick looks upset at Daryl, but it wasn’t Daryl who gave his word for the man’s protection.

What do you think of Daryl’s reasoning in this final scene?

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