Fear The Walking Dead Steps Up The Violence This Season


Fear The Walking Dead Reveals Truth In Characters

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After the epic Season 2 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, it’s no surprise the show will be taking a turn to way more violence with the next episodes. This, of course, is despite the fact that many “fans” left The Walking Dead for the same reason.

Back in Season 2, newcomer Luciana (Danay Garcia) was shot and left for dead, but Travis (Cliff Curtis) also snapped and killed two young boys who he believed were responsible for his son’s death.

It looks like Fear is about to get into The Walking Dead territory where only the strong, or the wicked, survive.

Fear Enters Walking Dead-Level, Human Violence 

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Showrunner David Erickson has said:

“Travis has become sort of the apocalyptic warrior. He’s far more ruthless than we’ve seen him be before. And that’s going to ultimately compromise him and the family in ways that they didn’t anticipate. Having killed Andrés, Alicia has been knocked back a few steps… but starting around the fifth episode, she gets to a place where she becomes a bit harder and becomes more of an ally to her mother.”

Since the show is somewhat of a prequel to The Walking Dead, it’s safe to say that things are only going to get a lot worse (violently) before they get better. Fear is essentially entering the first few seasons of The Walking Dead, back when Rick still wore his Sheriff’s outfit and Shane was trying to deal with humanity. 

More News On Fear The Walking Dead Characters

Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC via forbes.com

Comic Book reports:

“Madison won’t be far behind Travis. She is “going to double down and abandon anything resembling mercy for a time,” according to Erickson. “For her, in this world, you have to sell a piece of your soul to survive. And as we move through the season, Nick and Alicia are going to see that and come to understand what drives her.”

“Madison is going to suffer for some of the choices she makes,” Erickson said. “Not to say we’re going to fragment our family again by the end of the season, but there’s going to be a tension between them that didn’t exist before, because of the things that they’re going to deal with over the first half of this season.”