There’s Fear That TWD May Have Just Proven “Carltopia” Flaw


At first, we definitely thought that the death of Carl Grimes would mean hope for the survivors of The Walking Dead. However, since Fear the Walking Dead is actually further into the future, it’s possible that there is no hope after all. Part of this is due to Nick’s death but Season 4, Episode 4 truly cemented our lack of faith.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Tyreese actor Chad C. Coleman, another martyr of hope, described how the moral compass dies for a reason. “When people are endeared to a character to a degree that they are with Tyreese and have been with others, The Walking Dead needs an impactful death to remind us of the value of human life,” Coleman said.

Killing characters like Tyreese, Dale, or Carl Grimes allows for the show “to give other characters the opportunity to bounce off that death.” Basically, how you react to a death is what we see on screen. But first, let’s explore “Carltopia.”

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