Fear the Walking Dead Introduces Astronaut In Storyline


Fear the Walking Dead Reveals Major Plot-twist

Space is always an interesting concept to consider when the apocalypse happens.

It was introduced on the Fox comedy, Last Man on Earth with Jason Sudeikis, and now it’s also been introduced on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead.

Jason Sudeikis | Photo Credit Last Man On Earth

On the midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead, the series confirmed that the entire world had in fact been infected (some believe only America is experiencing the outbreak on The Walking Dead), but they also had an astronaut revealed this truth.

The message came from a surprising signal on the Abigail yacht.

“Both Characters Appear Doomed”

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit Comic Book

Comic Book writes:

“The [astronaut] was a cosmonaut, which is Russia’s version of an astronaut, and revealed his name to be Vaschenko. Strand questioned the man, wondering if what he had seen in North America happened to the rest of the world, prompting the cosmonaut to laugh. He claimed Americans always assume big events only happen to them but this virus had affected the entire world and he had to watch the world fall from outside of its atmosphere.”

“Both characters appeared doomed, as Strand was down on his fate and ready to bow out after being abandoned by Daniel Salazar, and the man in space was likely orbiting with no destination. The world, however, won’t ever be seeing or hearing from Cosmonaut Vaschenko again.”

Dave Erickson Talks Astronaut Idea

Dave Erickson | Photo Credit AMC

Showrunner Dave Erickson was excited to introduce the cosmonaut on the show, whose voice work came from Dave Agranov (X-Men: First Class, Just Married) because it felt like it was their version of what happened on The Walking Dead at the CDC back in Season 1 of the show.

“I honestly can’t remember who pitched the cosmonaut,” Erickson said. “I’m gonna say it was either Jami O’Brien, who wrote the episode and did a wonderful job… It might have been Mark Richard. It was a couple of things that we got from it. I mean, yes, strictly speaking, can you communicate with space? The answer is yes. If it’s in the right orbit. And that falls out of orbit very quickly, so we lose contact with them. But it was our version, to a certain extent, of the CDC episodes from The Walking Dead, season one. And it was putting the Apocalypse into context….”

Do you think this means there’s no hope left on Fear the Walking Dead?

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