Have You Seen All Of These Walking Dead Entertainment Weekly Covers?


Daryl Dixon Says “Bite Me”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit EW

Entertainment Weekly clearly loves The Walking Dead. The article read, “It’s one of the darkest times that we’ve ever had a group. Everyone is on the verge of giving up. He goes into depression.” This is Norman Reedus discussing the episode when Beth dies. 

Entertainment Weekly Showcases Best New TV Show

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit EW

As soon as the show premiered, it was an instant hit. Entertainment Weekly showcased the premiere with Sheriff Rick Grimes. It’s safe to say the walkers look a little rougher these days. 

Then again, Rick Grimes looks a little rougher himself. 

Michonne Takes Over The Spotlight

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit EW

Michonne arrived with a vengeance. Entertainment Weekly showcases Danai Gurira in character, with her two jaw-less walkers. It’s hard to believe this was all the way back in 2012 on the series. 

The Dixon Brothers Are Armed And Dangerous 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit EW

Before Daryl Dixon had to kill his brother, the two were killers on the show. In the cover photo, Merle Dixon has his knife-arm (like Evil Dead) and Daryl has his infamous crossbow and poncho. 

Unfortunately, Daryl had to kill his reanimated brother soon after this. 

Rick Grimes’ Slow-Mo Action Punch

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit EW

Every now and then, Entertainment Weekly will feature a few special edition covers. In this collaboration, the photos showcase Rick Grimes, Michonne, Daryl Dixon, and various other characters on the cover. 

“New Characters! Freakier Zombies! More Kissing?” is stamped across the cover of the shot. Ironically, despite being written back in 2014, this is still just as true today as it was back then. 

When the series returns, we’re expecting at least two new characters to join the good guys. It’s also possible that we’ll see several more Saviors once Negan united his various stations. 

The zombies are always getting freakier as well. In Season 7, we got to see the Oceanside crustacean zombies and Winslow, the spiked zombie. Then there’s Negan’s walker fence of carnival, metal-headed walkers. 

What type of zombie do you think Greg Nicotero will create next?

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