Seth Gilliam Just Made A “Joke” About This Happening To Father Gabriel


Seth Gilliam Talks Father Gabriel’s Flock

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With the 100th episode celebration of The Walking Dead right around the corner, the cast is guessing what’s next for the series. Ross Marquand wants darkness for Aaron. Alanna Masterson wants leadership for Tara. Seth Gilliam wants something big for Father Gabriel and his flock.

“Having a massive congregation — a congregation that was made up of members of Alexandria, and the Kingdom, and Hilltop, just like these huge Sunday sermons — would be fantastic,” confirmed Seth Gilliam.

This would mean a great deal to the Father and his people.

Will Love Be In The Father’s Future?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“And perhaps even a love interest. You know, priests they take a vow of celibacy, but they’re also supposed to be anti-violent. So, you know, if he’s killing he might as well be loving. Why not?” joked the actor.

Both Seth Gilliam and Khary Payton want their characters to have a love interest in the near future. King Ezekiel is perhaps getting closer to Carol, but there’s no evidence of Father Gabriel ever finding true love.

Then again, with a flock of people, his religion could perhaps change to more of a unified religion anyway.

Major Changes On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For all of these things to happen on The Walking Dead, some major changes first have to happen. Negan and the Saviors need to be destroyed or at least dismantled. That means taking down the Sanctuary and their many rules.

Season 8 will focus on the “All Out War” saga from the comic, but it’s anyone’s guess how that might actually go down. We predict that Rick Grimes will strike first, but Negan will likely have a few tricks up his sleeve.

During this attacks, it’s unclear where the Father will be more useful. When they first attacked the Saviors outpost, Father Gabriel was outside and he did have to shoot one of the Saviors to save himself.

When the series returns, it’s best he listens to Rick Grimes and perhaps spends some time as an armed lookout.

What do you think of Seth Gilliam views for Father Gabriel’s future?

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