New The Walking Dead Fan Theory: Major Trouble For Baby Judith!


Ever since The Walking Dead decided to kill off Carl Grimes and start threads of multiple timelines plus futuristic visions, fans have been going crazy with theories. Most of the theories were answered in the Season 8B premiere (no immunity, for example) but there is still a wild theory about Carl’s hat, Judith, and baby Gracie.

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When the series first showed Old Man Rick and what turned out to be Carl’s vision of the future, fans quickly thought the whole thing was a dream. This meant that the entire show was a dream and Rick was still in a coma. Luckily, this turned out not to be true. But in the new vision, the little girl that should be Judith had Gracie’s rabbit.

Some fans believe that Judith will somehow die but Rick Grimes will choose to raise baby Gracie and maybe even change her name (Jerry calls her Judith in the vision).

Vision Means Trouble for Judith and Baby Gracie

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Unless the vision is just nonsense so Carl is no longer with us, there should be some evidence available for future predictions. Unless Rick simply took the rabbit from one baby and gave it to another, there should be a reason for this. Then again, maybe Judith (around a year or two older) is just babysitting Gracie.

If not, this would mean Judith could die in the near future. In Judith dies, then Rick could potentially take Baby Gracie as his own. Then, he wouldn’t have the Shane Walsh stigma attached, so the newborn could be a fresh start for Rick and Michonne.

This is horrific but not totally out of left field. Plus, Judith did die in the comic book, but that was back in the prison with Lori.

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