INCREDIBLE Fan Art Portrays Jeffrey Dean Morgan ‘Negan’ As…


For some fans, this headline isn’t going to make any sense. To summarize, Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were cast as Bruce Wayne’s parents pre-Negan The Walking Dead. In an alternate universe, the Flash goes back in time and then the Waynes become Batman and the Joker, where Bruce dies.

The movie in question comes from Zack Snyder. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which is more of a Batman movie than a Superman movie), Cohan and Morgan play the Wayne parents for a brief moment.

Unless these actors are recast, it would make sense for the duo to also play the Waynes in an upcoming movie, Flashpoint.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan As The Batman

Flashpoint Batman Joker | Photo Credit Twitter

According to IMDB, “The super-fast hero the Flash travels into a timeline where Earth is a mess and its heroes are lost and scattered. It’s up to him to put things right.” But, he changes things again, like in just about every time-travel movie.

Flashpoint Batman Joker | Photo Credit Twitter

When the Flash changes the timeline, the robber kills the boy, Bruce Wayne. This causes his father Thomas (potentially Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to become Batman, while his mother Martha (potentially Lauren Cohan) becomes the Joker.

Both are distraught by the death of their son, but they clearly take two very different routes with their vengeance.

Flashpoint Alters Batman V. Joker

Flashpoint Batman Joker | Photo Credit Twitter

The film doesn’t technically come out until 2020, but that doesn’t mean fans haven’t already started to talk about The Walking Dead alums in the film. So far, only Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Ezra Clemons (The Flash), and Ray Fisher (Cyborg) are listed as heroes.

Every now and then, Jeffrey Dean Morgan hints that he would consider the role. At a recent Walker Stalker Con in New Jersey, JDM said, “There’s a role in the DC universe I’ve got my eye on.”

Flashpoint Batman Joker | Photo Credit Twitter

More than likely, this is just JDM being JDM. Since there’s no confirmation, it’s fan speculation, but fun to talk about it. In theory, it makes the most sense, given the DC title, Flashpoint.

However, it’s unclear what this will mean for Ben Affleck’s Batman. Currently, Affleck has writer and producer credits on a solo project called The Batman, which will be directed by Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes). The movie will also co-star Joe Manganiello (True Blood) as Deathstroke.

Do you think we’ll get to see a Jeffrey Dean Morgan Batman?


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