BREAKING: AMC JUST Released Extended Preview For Fear The Walking Dead…


Fear The Walking Dead Releases New Trailer

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With The Walking Dead between seasons, Fear The Walking Dead is gearing up for a summer release. Not long ago, AMC released a teaser, but now they’ve followed it up with an extended trailer for the upcoming season.

The new trailer shows a new location, which is in Baja, Mexico. Cast members have described the new set as a great location for doomsday preppers ready for the moment the world was going to fall apart.

Madison and the group have accidentally stumbled into this land of supplies.

Preppers Help Heroes In Season 3

Fear TWD | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book reports:

“This season we get to enjoy the most beautiful valley and spend some time with some people who knew what was coming,” Alycia Debnam-Carey said. She also introduced the names of the new characters: Troy and Drake Otto. The brothers will become major players on Fear the Walking Dead, living the property prepared by Dayton Callie’s character who prepared this safe-zone for surviving the apocalypse. Callie plays Jeremiah Otto.”

“I am the owner and landlord of this ranch which is built by preppers,” Callie said. With Callie owning the ranch and Mercedes Mason’s Ofelia Salazar having been caught by him late in Season 2, it appears the group will be reunited upon arrival. However, Colman Domingo’s Victor Strand is still outside of the community’s walls and appears to be running into some serious trouble since her elected to stay at the hotel in Mexico when they left.

Series Returns In June On AMC

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The video also shows a mansion where it looks like Jeremiah will soon call home on Fear the Walking Dead. This is somewhat similar to The Walking Dead, where they have built the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Hilltop’s mansion, and Oceanside.

The new season of Fear returns on June 4 on AMC.


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