Every SINGLE Ingenious Easter Egg In Season 7 [LIST!]

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Robert Kirkman loaded Season 7 of The Walking Dead with Easter Eggs from the comic series. There are several references to previous seasons and other nods to clues fans picked up on. The first half of this season held many hidden surprises.

Despite following a few different storylines, AMC ripped dialogue and actions right out of the comics in some instances. There were several examples of homages paid to characters that died on the show.

The executive producer and visual effects supervisor, Greg Nicotero, pulled another cameo on “Sing Me a Song.” This time, rather than trying to kill people as a walker, Nicotero posed as one of Negan’s Sanctuary-spiked, fence zombies. Did you catch it?

This is only one of the embedded eggs. Let’s see if you already discovered the rest, or if I can surprise you with a few…

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