Fans Immediately Thought They Recognized THIS Scene From Another Very Famous Movie


On The Walking Dead, there are a lot of tragedies. However, in Season 8, it’s clear that those tragedies are also followed by an aftermath that isn’t always present. Now, whenever something happens, we’re forced to watch death become undead.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the last episode, Eric died while Aaron was off fighting the Saviors. When he returned, however, his love was nowhere to be found. In the distance, he literally watched Eric walk away with the other walkers.

This happened to Daryl with his brother Merle Dixon, but it’s not always the case. The worst scenario occurred in the fourth episode of this season.

The King Awakes To Find The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After an inspiring speech, King Ezekiel huddled with his people. Then, the camera cut to the present. This time, the huddle consisted of a pile of bodies on top of the King, with blood all over the ground.

For any other series, this would be enough to destroy someone’s mental state for life. On The Walking Dead, however, this is only a portion of what’s coming. While looking at his fallen troops, the King notices one start to stand up.

Not only does he lose his men, but now they’re about to kill him.

The Walking Dead Are Hungry For Royalty

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The first man stands and he’s missing an arm. This quick scene reminds us of the devastating opening of Saving Private Ryan. There, a man stands with no arm and tries to find his missing limb.

When this person stands on The Walking Dead, however, it’s to look for food. The reanimated body turns to the King as others start to stand up and come at it. The King is also shot in the leg, so he’s having trouble getting away.

Soon, the last few survivors arrive to help out the King. One man is killed, but Jerry arrives with his axe to get the King to a safe point. When they’re stuck once more, Carol finds them and brings them to safety.

The dead have always stood on The Walking Dead, but the deaths this season seem more meaningful. The characters have been around longer and they’re being killed by one another rather than killed by walkers.

Some fans have even forgotten that everyone carries the virus.

What did you think of this horrific scene on The Walking Dead?


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