Eugene Actor Josh McDermitt Talks Future The Walking Dead


Josh McDermitt Talks Eugene Survival

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Among the various cast members in The Walking Dead, Josh McDermitt has perhaps had the toughest time. Sure, Negan showed up and killed Glenn, but Eugene is the one who quickly agreed to switch to the dark side.

This led to actor Josh McDermitt ending his various social media accounts. The comedian-turned-actor had enough after he received a death threat for something his character did on television.

That said, he’s still looking forward to the future of The Walking Dead.

Eugene, Negan, And The Saviors

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Josh McDermitt told Entertainment Weekly, “My wish list for Eugene is that number one that he survives. Number two, that I would like to see him go further into the darkness.”

The actor added, “Right now he’s Negan, but I would like to actually see him be Negan, or be the guy controlling a community who feels like he’s completely justified in his actions but is the bad guy.”

Josh McDermitt believes this would be “unexpected” but utterly “awesome.” All in all, however, he just wants his character to survive.

Is Eugene Good Or Pure Evil?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Eugene is certainly a survivor if nothing else. He would even turn evil if it meant survival. This is how we met him in the first place after all. Eugene convinced Abraham to protect him. He convinced Abraham that he was important.

The Washington D.C. lie made Eugene survive. This upset fans, but it was somewhat expected (based on that haircut if nothing else). Eugene can be weasely at times, but he’ll do what he can to survive.

Towards the end of Season 7, he did show his true colors. It looked like there was no good left in Eugene when the Saviors came to Alexandria’s doorstep. But he did give
Sasha a chance to escape a life of imprisonment.

When the series returns, it’s difficult to say which side Eugene is truly on.

What do you think of Josh McDermitt hope for Eugene?

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