EPIC: Andrew Lincoln Reveals How He Wants Rick Grimes To Die… Fans Shocked


Andrew Lincoln Talks Rick’s Hypothetical Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes always has a plan and the actor who plays him is no different. At a PaleyFest panel, Andrew Lincoln talk about playing Rick Grimes, the future the series and even his character’s potential departure.

A fan asked Lincoln how Rick Grimes might finally be killed and the actor quickly answered the question: “I’m gonna say this now: This is how I want Rick to die.” Clearly, he had been thinking a lot about this.

Lincoln was reported as very animated while speaking. Here’s How Rick Grimes Might Die…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“We’re going through the desert somewhere, and I jump off a bus,” said the actor. “So I jump in a very heroic act — Rick jumps off and calls “Caaarl!” and he added, “Maybe that’s the last thing I say.”

Lincoln continued, “I jump off, and I’m like, kung-fu kicking. I have to earn my action figure, right? I’ve gotten bit [but] doesn’t matter — keep going!” And then the death starts to overcome Rick Grimes.

“Then I’m dying, on my own. Just waiting to die. I patch up and a day passes. I’m a survivalist. But I don’t actually die,” he reassured fans. “The finale shot is, “Holy sh*t! Maybe I’m the cure!” said Lincoln, talking about Rick being completely immune.

The audience roared after Lincoln’s description. Can Rick Grimes…

Save The World?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Zombies coming, Rick gets up, follows the tracks to go see “Caaaarl” walking — the herd comes towards him, and they separate. He walks through. Boom.” Lincoln gets the crowd really into his story.

Then, Josh McDermitt chimes in with a quick joke: “And then Eugene comes in a dune buggy and runs over Rick.” Perhaps this is just a comical and insane way to end the series, but maybe there’s more to it.

There’s always been a rumor that Rick Grimes is immune, but we’ll all have to stay tuned to see how they end the show and if Robert Kirkman ends both the same way.

What do you think about Andrew Lincoln’s dramatic ending?

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