Katelyn Nacon Wants Enid To Do THIS In Season 8


Katelyn Nacon Wants Enid To Lead

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Every star of The Walking Dead wants growth for their characters. Khary Payton wants the King to find a Queen. Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam wants a congregation. Enid actress Katelyn Nacon wants what Tara actress Alanna Masterson want the same thing.

“I want to see her become more of a leader, become more strong, because we’re already kind of seeing that develop, but I want it to actually happen,” said Katelyn Nacon. The actress has just officially signed on as a regular for the show.

Both Tara and Enid should become stronger leaders in the future.

Helping Maggie, Finding Her Role

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Katelyn Nacon added, “I want her to find her role because I feel like even throughout the past three seasons she’s found a home and stuff with Maggie. But I feel like she hasn’t really been able to find her role in this community and to work her part.”

“I really want her to be able to find that. I want her to find some kind of leadership and strength and a certain role in the community,” she said. These are certainly all very real possibilities for her character.

It’s odd that she doesn’t mention anything about Carl Grimes, however.

Carl Grimes And Enid On TWD

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When fans saw that Katelyn Nacon had signed on as a series regular, we were all hoping it meant more Enid-Carl Grimes screen time. The puppy-love couple has revealed they like one another, but that’s about it.

Much like Judith, their young love represents hope on the show. While everyone around them is dying (or walking around dead), they can still survive and flourish. Enid and Carl Grimes need to be more established this season.

Perhaps in her new leadership role, this can happen. After Enid’s parents died, she survived as a loner, so now she’s working with the group. Like Daryl Dixon, she’s finding her place among the other survivors.

With Sasha now gone, it’s likely that Enid will be Maggie’s right-hand this season.

Do you think Katelyn Nacon is right about Enid’s future on TWD?