Editing Mistake Or Huge Reveal? Fans See UFO On Newest Walking Dead…


Paper Towns And Unidentified Flying Objects

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last week, the crew behind The Walking Dead revealed that Hilltop was made of paper after Chandler Riggs confirmed the fan speculation. This week, in “New Best Friends,” fans pointed out another detail that editing may have missed.

After the epic fight scene between Rick and Winslow the walker, that smile crept across Rick’s face again as he stood on top of the trash pile with Jadis. In the background, however, fans were distracted by two things.

There appeared to be vehicles moving and possibly a UFO in the sky.

Ignoring The UFO In The Distance

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick’s gang didn’t bring up this UFO, so it’s possibly an error with special effects. If there were to suddenly be a plane in the world of the undead, it would seem like the subject of conversation.

Another user asked on Twitter, “So are we just gonna ignore the ufo on tonights episode of walking dead? +cars driving in the background?” Perhaps Rick was so excited that he didn’t notice the UFO in the background.

Or perhaps the editing crew missed this during the final shot choice.

Discontinuity On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Like any show, there are going to be errors, especially with every fan watching the series so closely. Besides the paper background and UFO this season, there have been several accidents in the past as well.

Some mistakes include a tattoo on Daryl’s back that’s on the right in one shot and on the left in another. Another would be walkers changing locations based on the shot, and even a few crew members accidentally in the shot.

The biggest problems viewers have with the series, besides UFOs, however, would be the pacing of the series. Much of this is based around Carl and Judith’s ages, but for the bulk of fans, these are bearable errors.

There has been speculation that aliens created the virus, however, so who knows.

Do you think aliens could make their way onto The Walking Dead?

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