So Much Went Down In The Latest Episode, But THIS 1 Blew Us Away…


So much goes down in the latest episode of The Walking Dead, entitled “The Damned.” Besides various outposts attacks, we also see Daryl and Rick go after more guns. During their mission, however, it looks like Dwight may have double-crossed them.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This is the first time we see that one of Dwight’s maps doesn’t quite play out. Rick and Daryl appear to be on a wild goose chase to find some guns. “Last floor. The guns gotta be up here,” said Rick Grimes.

“That guy is a piece of sh*t,” exclaimed Daryl, about Dwight.

Does Dwight Set-Up Rick And Daryl?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The plan, at this point, is to find a huge number of high-caliber guns. Rick believes he can use these new guns to clear up some of the walkers at the Sanctuary. Presumably, he wants to head inside and then fight on their turf again.

Later in the episode, however, the duo still haven’t found the guns. Rick Grimes ends up in an intense fistfight to the death. Daryl Dixon, alone in the building, seems to be suffering from PTSD from his days in Dwight’s prison cell.

Alone, another man gets the jump on Rick Grimes.

Rick Grimes Caught Off Guard…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After Rick Grimes kills his first attacker, he continues to search for the guns. The man seemed to be looking at a door the entire fight. Once he killed the man, Rick walked through the door to find another surprise.

Inside this bedroom, Rick finds a newborn named Gracie. At this point, Rick Grimes is likely thinking about Judith Grimes. There is even a mirror on the other side of the wall to hammer in the fact that he killed a version of himself.

As Rick Grimes battles with this dilemma, another man arrives and holds a gun on him. This man turns out to be Morales from the first season. At this point, Rick likely questions his morals and how much he has changed from his days as a Sheriff.

Despite these many internal difficulties, is it possible that Dwight set up these two or do you think they simply move the guns around to be safe?


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