Here’s The Definitive Scene That Shows [SPOILER] Is Leaving The Show


“I liked you Ezekiel,” said the Savior, Gavin. “Your people are going to look up at the Sanctuary fence and they’re going to see their king is dead.” From the other side of the locked gate, Morgan Jones listened but decided not to take action during The Walking Dead mid-season finale.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In a logical sense, it’s possible that Morgan was going to wait rather than strike and risk his life. But given the fact that he thinks he is invincible, it’s possible that he decided not to strike for another reason.

Perhaps this is Morgan’s first chance to step into the shadows and leave the show.

Morgan Jones Decides Not To Help

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Robert Kirkman and company have announced that Morgan Jones will be leaving The Walking Dead to go to Fear the Walking Dead. In order for this to happen, we believe he will survive (or leave) the war and go off on his own.

More than likely, Morgan will stick around and finish out the war. However, because he wasn’t in the finale other than a few seconds, he could leave sooner. Morgan might see that things are going downhill and not know his place.

After all, he has already said that he too feels like a Savior.

Carl Grimes’ Death Will Change Everything

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Actor Lennie James also discussed the death of Carl Grimes and the relationship between Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones. “It really does [affect the relationship between Rick and Morgan] and actually the way that the writers and storytellers on this one kind of handled it,” said Lennie James.

“It has been really kind of clever because it has manifested in actions not necessarily words,” James added. “It’s kind of manifested in what the two men do for each other how they stand side by side, how they stand back to back.”

James also believes that Morgan and Rick have mirrored one another over the years. Both began the apocalypse together, with sons, and now both are going to be in the same boat again.

“That has been their main focus of survival throughout this kind of apocalypse. They are both breast of two of the main things that identified who they were and what they built their lives upon and each point when a major thing happen to each of them…” concluded Lennie James.

[I]t is no coincidence that they happen to come across each other or they touch base or they bump back into each other,” he added.

But what does this mean for the future of Morgan on The Walking Dead?

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