Why Doesn’t Jesus Take Over As The Leader Of The Hilltop?


With Gregory proving his ineptitude in a recent episode of The Walking Dead, why didn’t Jesus just offer to replace him?

Maggie wasn’t the only person standing up to Gregory in The Walking Dead. Jesus was equally disgusted and embarrassed by the Hilltop leader’s actions. Now, Jesus seems to be promoting the idea of Maggie taking over the leadership role. But why not do it himself?

Maggie and Sasha Change Everything

Image Credit: AMC
Image Credit: AMC

“[Jesus] has a lot of empathy and understanding,” says actor Tom Payne. “He’s also looking for the best person to lead the Hilltop. He understands it was an imperfect situation [under Gregory] but the didn’t want to upset the apple cart until another plan was in place. The arrival of Maggie and Sasha could be a turning point for the community.”

Payne says Jesus was comfortable with Gregory’s leadership in the past, because the stakes were lower. “Gregory isn’t some warlord,” says Payne.

“He’s no slave driver. People allowed him to be the leader. He was fine with that. I think he’s been harmless but when things got serious and the stakes got higher, his cowardice comes out. He becomes a danger. It was very apparent when he was willing to send Sasha and Maggie to possible death to save his own hind.”

Jesus in Charge

Still, if Jesus is unhappy with Gregory’s leadership, he could always step in himself. “I think he’s more effective in a behind-the-scenes role,” says Payne.

“All great leaders choose great advisors, people they really trust for their governance. He can sit back and look at the situation and work out the best route to take without the pressures of making a decision now. Having said that, Sasha does push him. What does he want? He needed that. He got a bit comfortable. She really pushes his conscience. It wakes him up. He realizes now is the time to change.”

“He recognizes he’s more valuable to the group than Gregory,” says Payne. “It serves him not to show all his cards to the Saviors.”

What traits in Jesus would make him a weak or strong leader?


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