Everyone’s Asking Why Doesn’t Father Gabriel Didn’t Do This… [SPOILER]


So many things happen in TWD premiere. Rick Grimes organizes the troops, and Daryl Dixon rounds up walkers. Our hero gives a speech, and then they attack the Saviors. But, one thing we didn’t want to see was Gregory.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Like the end of Season 7, Negan once again had a secret weapon to fight off Rick Grimes. Last year, the Heapsters turned on Rick. This year, Negan thought he could make Hilltop also turn on Rick Grimes.

Negan asked Rick if he was sure he had “the numbers” when Gregory approached.

Father Gabriel Tells Rick To Focus

The Walking Dead Negan Death | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead Negan Death | Photo Credit AMC

Jesus and Maggie had been wondering where Gregory went off to, but he showed up inside the Sanctuary. Gregory convinced Simon that he could make sure Hilltop stayed with the Saviors.

While this worried a few on Rick’s army, Maggie and Jesus quickly made it clear that Gregory no longer led Hilltop. This led to Simon pushing Gregory down some stairs, seeing as he had wasted time with the wrong leader.

Then, Rick Grimes got angry, and they opened fire on the Sanctuary.

Gregory Gets The Best Of Father Gabriel

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes lost his cool, and his rage soon took over. The plan was to take down the fence and let hundreds of walkers invade the Sanctuary. When this happened, however, Rick was so close to getting a shot off on Negan.

Negan drug himself behind cover where Rick could still see his arms and legs. At this point, Rick fired shot after shot at Negan as the walkers approached. He fired at least a dozen shots, but he couldn’t hit Negan.

The walkers nearly got to Rick before Father Gabriel did. Luckily, the Father convinced him to leave. However, when it came time for the Priest to go, he noticed Gregory was still there.

Father Gabriel went after the coward, but then Gregory stole his vehicle and left him. Father Gabriel took shelter in a trailer but discovered he was locked in with Negan and surrounded by walkers.

Perhaps this was meant to show karma, based on Father Gabriel’s original actions where he locked himself inside the church, alone.

Why do you think Father Gabriel couldn’t leave Gregory behind?

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