Did You Know These Three Actors On The Walking Dead Come From AMC’s Halt And Catch Fire?

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-28

AMC’s Many Familiar Faces

Halt & Catch Fire / Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since The Walking Dead is off the air until October, there’s always room for Netflix re-runs. After you’ve re-watched your favorite Walking Dead episodes, check out AMC’s other series, where you’ll likely find some familiar faces.

AMC loves AMC, so it’s not surprise these character actors can be found during the zombie apocalypse and within the 1985 tech revolution. Perhaps the biggest role on both shows comes from Cooper Andrews, who plays Jerry in the Kingdom.

Jerry was an instant hit on The Walking Dead, and Andrew’s role as “Yo-Yo” on Halt and Catch Fire is equally memorable.

Two Doctors, One Network

Halt & Catch Fire / Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Next, there’s Dr. Carson, played by Keith Harris. Dr. Carson will likely be a bigger player when the series returns, seeing as Negan promoted him to being the only doctor around, but he’s also in a few episodes of Halt and Catch Fire.

Harris ironically plays another doctor on the show, Dr. Semel. Since Gordon Clark (played by Scoot McNairy) has a few medical issues on the show, Dr. Semel is featured in three episodes.

(Read our exclusive interview with actor Keith Harris here.)

Beyond these two Walking Dead characters, there’s one more familiar face, but unfortunately he didn’t make it through all of Season 7.

R.I.P. Fat Joey, Former Savior

Halt & Catch Fire / Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Finally, there’s Joshua Hoover, who plays Fat Joey on The Walking Dead. Before Daryl Dixon eradicated Fat Joey (making Skinny Joey just Joey), the actor also starred as Bodie on Halt and Catch Fire.

Unfortunately for Hoover, both of these characters are somewhat annoying in their perspective roles, but both symbolically important. It’s hard to forget Negan’s walkie eulogy which Rick and the gang were stealing dynamite or the moment that Daryl Dixon snapped and beat Joey to death.

Both series are now streaming on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

Have you seen these actors in any other series?

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