Did You Know Rick Has Nearly Been Killed By Children, Three Times?


Dwayne Clocks Rick In The Pilot Episode

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite Rick’s training as an officer of the law, he’s nearly been killed by kids three times during the apocalypse. Rick Grimes understands weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, and even how to de-escalate a situation, but he’s still just a mortal.

The first time Rick almost died during the outbreak was when he walked up to Morgan’s house and got immediately hit in the head by a shovel. Granted, he wasn’t quite at his best, but Duane nearly killed Rick in the pilot.

One more whack and the show wouldn’t be the same…

Carl Grimes Nearly Kills His Father

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Next, there’s a moment when Rick’s injuries put him into a weakened state and his own son nearly takes him out. Carl is waiting for his dad to speak, but he’s got his finger on the trigger.

Eventually, that “Coooraaall” comes out and the boy lowers his weapon but this was nearly lights out for Rick Grimes. This was only moments after Carl blamed his father for what’s been happening to him, because he was scared.

Carl always seeks his dad’s approval.

Carl Loses An Eye, When Rick Nearly Shot

The final time Rick was nearly killed by a kid was when Carl’s “friend” Ron Anderson was about to take him out. Ron was Jesse’s son and Sam’s older brother. Not long before, Rick executed the boy’s father so this was the first kid revenge.

Ron raised a loaded gun on Rick, but ended up shooting Carl Grimes in the eye. Right before this happens, Sam loses his cool and he and his mother both get eaten by walkers while everyone else is wearing walker guts.

This happens in Season 6 Episode 9, and destroys Rick Grimes. Everyone is nearly killed in this season because after Sam is eaten, Jesse can’t keep her cool and the cycle continues until Carl is eventually shot.

Do you think Rick Grimes has learned from these mistakes?


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