Did You Catch This Major Series Theme Revealed In TWD’s “Say Yes”


Rosita Shouts At The “Fool”

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Not long after Rosita sliced open a walker’s throat like Beatrix Kiddo, did she seek council with Father Gabriel. Covered in blood and filled with rage, Rosita revealed that she didn’t find any guns, as if this were Gabriel’s fault.

Rosita’s main concern is towards Rick but she’s taking it out on Gabriel. She doesn’t believe they will find enough guns or people to fight Negan the way that Rick wants to so she’s looking for another route that she believes to be easier.

Father Gabriel has news for her if she’s willing to listen.

Father Gabriel Is Glad She’s Alive

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“The thing is, I had a gun,” she began. Rosita told Gabriel she was ready to use her gun and the single bullet to kill Negan. She believes that if Gabriel didn’t try to convince her to wait, then Negan would be dead.

She’s missing the bigger picture that she did fire on Negan and she missed. Her split decision also got Olivia killed, why Eugene is gone, and there’s a reminder of that on her face from where Arat sliced open her cheek.

Once she slowed down, she finally gave Father Gabriel a chance to speak.

Father Gabriel defends himself by reminding her that she continues to come see him. He also reminded her that she chose to listen to him. “I said that you weren’t supposed to die and that you shouldn’t do the thing that you were planning to do.”

The man of God then reminds her that the group needs her. Gabriel then refers to himself as a “fool,” which is perhaps like the “Greater Fool” from Don Quixote who is someone who has a modest amount of ego and delusion to think they can succeed where others have failed.

Anything Is Possible For The Living

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“If it’s my fault you’re alive, then I’m just going to have to live with that,” said Father Gabriel. “I did something I thought was right and I knew the stakes were very high. You can certainly blame me for the fact that you have a life, but after that, what are you going to do with it?”

“Anything is possible until your heart stops beating,” he said, confirming that it’s easier to die. This is the theme of Season 7B and most of the series as a whole. In this world, it’s easier to die.

It’s about what comes next…which is what Rick tells Michonne later in the episode.

Do you think Father Gabriel’s words will set in before she attacks Negan again?

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