Did You Catch These Special Tributes In The Most Recent Episode Of The Walking Dead?


Walking Dead Plays Homage To Bourne, Lethal Weapon, Blair Witch

Blair Witch Project | Photo Credit Haxan Films

In The Walking Dead’s “Say Yes,” we got to see Rick and Michonne out on a special mission to find supplies. While some catchy go-find-stuff music played in the background, we got to see an interesting action sequence.

The filmmakers chose to use a shaky cam, which is unlike most of the series, which is shot on a still cam or possibly walking, like a scene from The West Wing. Whole movies like Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project have used the technique.

Action films like Lethal Weapon and the Bourne films also use shaky cams.

Rick And Michonne Hunt For Supplies

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the intro, Rick and Michonne are out looking for supplies. Rick kicks in a door as Michonne provides back-up. The sequence is somewhere between an action film and a campground date.

The shaky cam stops to show Rick and Michonne resting in a van with a small fire. Rick finally gets some sleep as Michonne makes coffee over the open fire. Eventually, she accidentally wakes Rick and the two go deer hunting.

This leads to another special homage on the new episode.

Michonne’s Katana Plays Homage

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After the duo finds a herd of walkers who also have ammo, they decide to come up with a plan of attack. Rick decides he can push a vehicle into a fence to separate the walkers while Michonne takes out eight walkers with her katana.

There have obviously been several homages to martial arts films based on Michonne’s katana and the new episode is no different. Michonne makes some noise to attract the walkers and then steps back into the shadows.

With two swings of the katana, she kills two walkers. The director decided to allow for the action to be hidden but it can be seen in the shadow. Then, blood splatters on the wall. This resembles various classic films and moderns like Kill Bill.

This also parallels with Psycho, Jaws, Alien, and several Steven Spielberg films where violence happens off-screen. 

What other homages have you noticed on The Walking Dead this season?

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