Did The Walking Dead Tweet Just Confirm Who Will Take Carl Grimes’ Story?


Ever since The Walking Dead revealed a bite on Carl Grimes’ torso, fans have been wondering who might take over his storyline. In a recent Q&A, the network responded on Twitter and indicated that Enid might take on this role.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Twitter user @SelEvolution said, “Will Enid have more protagonism in S9?” While the answer was as vague as usual, the response makes us wonder what’s next for Enid on the zombie drama.

“You know what? Yes, Enid actually will have a bigger role in Season 9 after being mostly relegated to Oceanside and The Hilltop in Season 8.” Again, this tells more about her past and future but it makes us wonder what’s next.

Based on Season 8, this could mean one of three things.

What’s Next for Enid on The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There are a handful of options as to where to take Enid on The Walking Dead. To begin with a somewhat unlikely scenario, it’s possible she could get more involved with those at Oceanside.

In Season 8, Aaron and Enid spent some time with the fishing community but the majority of the Oceansiders seem to be against Enid because she accidentally shot their former leader. It was Aaron who eventually convinced them to fight.

Therefore, we do expect to see more of Oceanside in the future. In the comic, some of the main characters live them temporarily and as the communities branch out, they will certainly be useful for trade in the market.

If Enid doesn’t help out more with Oceanside, she will either step up to become Maggie’s No. 2 or possibly take on Carl Grimes’ storyline.

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