Did The Walking Dead IGNORE This “Walker Fact” In The Last Episode? You Decide…


Truths On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back in the first few seasons of The Walking Dead, there were certain truths revealed on the series. The walkers will kill anyone, no one new can be trusted without a test, and you never fire a gun because it attracts walkers.

In “Say Yes,” not only does Rick consider shooting a deer with a handgun while surrounded by walkers, but Michonne also pulls out a rifle. When they first arrive, she shoots the milk bottles like a carnival game just for fun.

Ironically, however, the walkers do not really move towards the noise.

Michonne’s Irresponsible Actions

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During the scene, she shoots over the milk bottles and one or two of the walkers near the game move, but no walkers move towards the noise. This is irresponsible on Michonne’s part unless there’s new information about the walkers.

Later in the episode, when Michonne is hacking up eight walkers, Rick is trying to move a soldier walker that is in the windshield of a vehicle. The walker is still “alive” but he’s falling apart as Rick pulls him out, piece by piece.

Maybe the walkers are also losing their hearing.

Have The Walkers Lost Their Hearing?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The walkers have gotten more disgusting over the past seven seasons. Similar to the decaying logo, the walkers also look different. The makeup department has changed from flesh tone colors to darker colors for their skin.

Since the walkers are falling apart, it’s possible they have also lost their ability to hear things like gunshots. If this is true, then Rick and the gang will have a better chance of survival, and they shouldn’t have to worry as much about the walkers.

However, if it isn’t true, then this is another continuity-type error for the series. Along with the terrible CGI deer and the paper background in Hilltop, the show can’t really let anything go with so many dedicated, eagle-eyed fans.

Do you think this was an oversight or a revelation?

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