Did Rick’s War Just Start in “The Other Side?”


Living On “The Other Side”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

A lot happened this week on The Walking Dead, despite how many fans hate Hilltop episodes. In the opening montage, we saw a blacksmith program, Maggie teaching knife throwing, Sasha prepping for battle, Baby Rhee’s progress, and Jesus’ map.

With everything going on in Hilltop, Gregory is nowhere to be found. Clearly Maggie will soon lead the people while Gregory tries to maintain a relationship with the Saviors. Audiences must be looking forward to an “out with the old” scenario.

Most importantly, did Sasha’s actions just start Rick’s war?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There are all sorts of opinions occurring on The Walking Dead. Rick finally wants to go to battle, but he needs more troops and more guns. Sasha and Rosita want to kill Negan and they don’t care if that means dying in the process.

Daryl is also out for vengeance, but basically, listens to Rick unless someone crosses him. Maggie also seeks war and revenge, but it looks like she basically agrees with Rick on how to handle the approaching battle.

Some of these characters may start the war before Rick and Maggie are ready.

At the end of the episode, moments after Rosita and Sasha are discussing entering the Sanctuary, a Savior next to Eugene is taken out. Eugene’s normal cowardice shows through, but he calms down and decides to stay rather than escape.

The next steps are perhaps the most important. Sasha locks Rosita out and tells her that her life does have a purpose, and then kills another Savior. Rosita runs away, frantic and upset until she sees someone that may or may not be Daryl Dixon.

Sasha Will Likely Be Next To Die

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC


What comes next is anyone’s guess, but with a breach on the Sanctuary and Rosita running loose inside with a silencer handgun, war may be on the horizon. Unfortunately, and perhaps due to Eugene’s presence, the girls breached the wall too dramatically.

With all the noise and the Savior’s walkie system, Negan will most likely be protected before Sasha can get anywhere near him. Unless, of course, he’s coincidentally in the same room she enters.

More than likely, Sasha will be killed or tortured. Then, the Saviors will attack Hilltop once again.

Do you think Sasha has a chance of surviving after her intrusion?

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